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Call 625-6649 and pay with your Credit Card over the phone.

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Simply fill out the registration form . It's that simple!

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Visit our office in Fernandes Compound, Laventille.

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Why YOU should have a Medicard

Discounts at over 300 merchants!

Medicard is the only discount card which can give you up to 30% off immediately off your bill at over 300 merchants nationwide, including but not limited to, health care, pharmaceutical, optical, dental, lab services, electrical, pet care, restaurants, supermarkets, jewellery, and SO much more!

Apply today!

All you need is one card! Become a part of the thousands of people who are already saving hundreds, even thousands a year!

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who has a form of picture ID can apply for a Medicard. Children under the age of 20 can be added as dependants on their parent/guardian's card.

How do I sign up?

There are four (4) ways and the process is quick and easy:
1. Call us at 625-6649 or 627-6915 (Credit card payments are accepted)
2. You can visit us at Building 3, Fernandes Industrial Centre, Eastern Main Road, Laventille.
3. Visit any RBC Royal Bank Branch nationwide
4. Fill out the application form

Medicard is not an insurance provider, and can only be used to access immediate discounts on various purchases at our listed merchants.

Your Medicard is valid for one (1) year from the issue date. The expiration date is printed on the back of the card, and a Customer Service Representative (CSR) will contact you two (2) weeks before the card expires to ensure timely renewal.

You can pay or purchase your Medicard subscription via telephone with your credit card. To ensure your safety, we never keep credit card information on file, and all CC information is discarded immediately after the transaction is completed.

Discounts are not offered on items already on sale.

If a Medicard provider does not honour the discount, and the item was NOT on sale, you can contact a Medicard CSR with details such as the Provider's Company name, branch and the person you dealt with and we will investigate the matter for resolution.

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Medicard is T&T’s premier discount card, with nearly 20 years in business, providing substantial savings at over 300 medical institutions, health care providers and retail stores.

The benefits are endless.. APPLY NOW!

Member Testimonials

"I save so much every year with my Medicard. I don't leave home without it!"

"I saved over $10,000 in medical bills at West Shore with Medicard"

"I never thought I needed a Medicard until a friend told me to get one.. I now save extra cash every month and that makes me happy."

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