How does Medicard impact my Business

Medicard membership is an ideal addition to any employee benefits package. It provides a simple and inexpensive privilege to your staff that can deliver savings ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars annually.

Corporate Packages

Pricing for corporate packages is volume related. Your Medicard sales agent will provide full details.

There are three membership types:

  • Standard – Your employee only
  • Standard Plus One – Your employee and their spouse or a child (under 20)
  • Family – Your employee and up to 6 dependents (spouse and/or children)

Where a spouse is covered a card a second card will be issued for them.

People love their Medicard

A telephone survey in 2012 revealed that Medicard members were very happy:

  • 1,000 paying customers selected at random.
  • Automated telephone survey conducted.
  • 535 people reached and 201 participated

The results:

  • 98.5% would recommend Medicard to a friend
  • 4.16 Average satisfaction rating

(Participants were asked to rate their satisfaction with Medicard on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 was completely satisfied and 1 was dissatisfied)

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