Here's What Some Of Our Members Had To Say!

“Very enjoyable. Fully enjoy my experience with using my Medicard”

Aleisha Blizzard

“I love this card it’s amazing, the number of discounts I get at Courts Optical, American Stores and plenty fast food restaurants”

Diane Blackman

“I save on books way more than I spent on this card. I just love this little card and my wife loves it too.”

Nicholas Voisin

“I really do enjoy the savings that I get from this card and my son enjoys it as well.”

Dianna Moses

“We recommend this card to persons that’s to say how much we like it.”

Lisa Lum Kong

“This Medicard has been very valuable to me. I use it all time at Denise Designs, Pizza Hut, Xtra Foods, Mario’s, Dominoes and Ruby Tuesdays. I always get great discounts.”

Anastasia Singh

“Was most impressed on the amount I saved when I was pregnant on Ultrasounds and my accommodation at St. Augustine Medical by using my Medicard. This card is God sent!”

Gherique Ali

“I used my card at Tru Valu and got great savings on my purchases.”

Giselle Khan

“The customer service I receive at A&L Pharmacy has been second to none. They always remind me to use my Medicard every time I shop at their pharmacy. I have saved so much money with my card and I continue to renew every single year. I recommend everyone to get a card.”

Mica Roberts

“I took my family to Ruby Tuesdays and saved over $100 in food on our bill by using our Medicard”

Timia Gonzales

“My family has all benefitted by the discounts we received used the Medicard, at Xtra Foods, GNC, Detor, Bradford Trading, Car Search and Southern Sales.”

Andre Edwards